Investing in Vanuatu

A Safe Haven Awaits

With a population of about 300, 000 people, the 83 beautiful Islands of Vanuatu offer a diverse range of scenery, from towering volcanic cones and coastal plains, to raised coral atolls, wide beaches and deep natural harbours.

Vanuatu is known not only for its great location and climate in the Pacific region, but also a great destination for new investors to own and operate business in the country.

The factors that encourage foreign investors include an attractive tax system (no direct taxes), lack of exchange controls, a stable political situation and a particularly proactive FDI promotion agency.

Corporate Tax
Income Tax
Capital Gains Tax​
Withholding Tax​
Gift Tax​
Personal Income Tax​

Money can be easily transferred into any of the major currencies.

The financial center in the country has been operating for over fifty years.

Vanuatu has five major commercial banks including the National Bank of Vanuatu and ANZ Bank -one of the Top 4 banks in Australia and New Zealand.

With a strong infrastructure of established banks, trust companies, accountants, and lawyers, Vanuatu provides the opportunity to investors to receive top quality, reliable service right on the spot.

Property Investment

Acquiring land for investment in Vanuatu is often priced very reasonably.

Signature can assist investors with advice before acquiring land or property in Vanuatu.

We also currently represent more than USD 120 Million in private real estate portfolio and can open the door to facilitate your future property investment in Vanuatu.

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